What to look for when buying a used wetsuit?

ReTri_Admin June 7, 2019 No Comments

When buying a new wetsuit all you need to figure out is what size fits best. Go to wetsuit vendor sites such as Blue Seventy, Roku or Xterra to look at their sizing charts as a guide. Be sure to look for obvious signs of wear, such as tears, worn elbows and fraying seams. Be aware if there is an odor. It’s not a deal breaker, but you’ll get an idea of how well the wetsuit was maintained. Ideally you want to wash it at least once if not twice a season. Depending how active you are. If you find a great deal, but it’s a bit smelly, buy it and run it in the washing machine with Wetsuit Shampoo, about $6 to $8 on Amazon. If you find a wetsuit that has a tear/small hole (see pic) in it you can try to fix it yourself with a product […]

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